WELCOME TO NVS Auto Sales & Leasing

NVS Auto Sales & Leasing is an auto sales and leasing company, representing the Greater Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties, We have been in business since  2012.  We have hundreds of customers that truly rely on us for advice and guidance on everything car related.

We are not just about the next car lease, as clients reach out to us with questions and use us as a resource when deciding to upgrade/downgrade, as well as if they should lease versus purchase, hybrid versus electric, and …

We are very serious about giving each and every client individual attention, and customize a solution based on their needs. Customer satisfaction remains a high priority for the NVS team.


NVS Auto will assist you with your leasing needs.  Weather its your first lease or looking to renew, we always look at all your options and maximize the trade in value if there is equity left on your current car.  We will look at your current financial situation and help you make an informed decision.  Sometimes it makes sense to purchase your leased vehicle, and sometimes to trade in the car through “Carmax” type of dealer and capitalize on the remaining equity


With a full dealership license, we have access to thousands of fresh lease returns every week.  We can get you pre-approved for the car of your dreams.  There are many resources available to us, and with our vast experience with banks and credit unions, we maximize the potential of getting you qualified.  Just complete our simple credit application and we will get you approved right away. We like to make things easy at NVS Auto.  Remember, we represent you and stand by your side, every step of the way.


Our reviews and testimonials will paint you a full picture of the way we do business here at NVS Auto.  See for yourself what our clients says about us, and why we are a great place to buy or lease a car.  We don’t stop once the sale is completed – we are all about the relationship and follow through afterwards to make sure you are completely happy, and address any outstanding issues.  We grow based on your referrals, and as such client satisfaction remains the cornerstone of our purpose and continued growth.


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