First time using a broker,

First time using a broker, I was referred to Vache at NVS Auto through a friend and had a great experience. I called him on Thursday, and drove off my new Lexus RX on Saturday!!!
He is priceless, reliable, responsible , resourceful and caring. I will never go back to the old-fashion way of haggling and stressing to buy a car from dealer.
I am extremely pleased with the ease and efficiency of the entire process, and won’t hesitate to reach out to Vache again to lease/buy another car.
This was the easiest and smoothest car purchase I’ve ever made. Don’t ever step foot into a dealership and spend countless hours to go over paper work and games they play.

Ser K.

A+. Vache was amazing! He

A+. Vache was amazing! He answered his phone and returned text messages every single time. He found my hard to find car very quickly and got me a deal that beat everyone else. I told him I was looking for a specific payment and not only was he able to come through but he actually got it even lower. I highly recommend him.

Mayen G.

I had an excellent experience

I had an excellent experience with the staff at NVS Auto and would highly recommend their services. I’m a type A personality and was very thorough with my research by comparing prices at multiple dealerships prior to engaging Vache. Not only did he handle everything from A to Z with great care and attention to detail but also had a lower price. Needless to say, I was very happy not to be subjected to the painful sales process usually involved in securing an automobile. Thank you Vache, we will be back for the next one.

Patrick K

I just bought my 2nd

I just bought my 2nd car through NVS Auto, this time for my son. I dealt with Vache and once again he made our car buying experience pleasant. In one day he was able to find the car we were looking for with all the options we were interested in. He took care of all the negotiations, got us an amazing deal, handled all the paperwork, financing and accompanied us to the dealer on a Sunday to make sure everything went smoothly. THANK YOU VACHE!!!!!

Terrie Z

Got my beautiful car and

Got my beautiful car and have been referring friends for years. My friends, clients and everyone I have referred have been equally happy with “my car guy”. Thank you Vache and to the team at NVS Auto for the great service and hassle-free experience. You guys know your stuff and know how to take care of affluent clients in the professional manner that is so rare to find these days. Follow through, honesty and long-term relationships is what this group is all about. Thanks once again…you have a client for life! ūüôā

Nono T.

Needed a Jetta for my

Needed a Jetta for my wife and they found us the car and saved me $1100 on the best deal that i could come up with. Paperwork was done prior to me getting there and we were out in 30 minutes with our new car. Thank you Vache, I have used other brokers and THERE IS A DIFFERENCE – I appreciate how painless you and your team made everything at NVS Auto. Will be back next time when i need a car for myself.

Dr. Ruben B.

What a relief it was

What a relief it was to work with Vache at NVS Auto. I knew I had to spend at least 3-4 hours, haggling over the price, then going through the finance department to be sold again on extra stuff. The dealer I had gone through did not have the interior color but we were ready to settle. Vache searched, found the car in Northern California, had the car shipped in specially for us, and within 2 days, he had the papers drawn, the car detailed and delivered the car to my wife at our doorstep with a red bow. What a VIP delivery on delivering more than you promised. Thank you so much for making us feel special. You have us for life – and I have already referred my brother in law, and a close friend. Why didn’t we know about your services before this. Thank you, thank you.

Jack F.

As a single mother

As a single mother, I am very careful who I trust these days. I was referred by a fiend, yet was still skeptical. Wow, what a difference. Vache at NVS Auto didnt just make things happen. He kept in contact and let me know what was taking place, every step of the way. Had a trade in that had damage. He took car of explaining what needed be done in terms I could understand. Broke everything down for me and gave me options. It was easy to decide and from there, he said he would show up with the new car, take the old one away, have the papers ready to sign “in and out in 30 minutes”. Wow again. He delivered on everything, called from the road to say they were running 10 minutes behind schedule. My new car is beautiful – I am so happy. AND Vache called afterwards to see if I had any questions or concerns. I will refer to friends. Thank you Vache for ALL your help.

Marianna K

I am delighted to share my leasing experience with Vache Shirvanian of NVS Auto. Vache was friendly, helpful and extremely knowledgeable about detailing every aspect of the leasing deal from specifying the vehicle to the financial breakdown. The entire process was to my satisfaction. There was no hassle, no negotiation and no wasted time upon picking up my car. THANK YOU Vache for going over some of the features included in my new car and for making sure I was happy with it.

I’ve already recommended NVS Auto to a few friends and wouldn’t hesitate to endorse them to anyone. This is a no brainer, I will be going back for my next lease!

Mila G

Vache was amazingly patient to

Vache was amazingly patient to work with. I was specifically looking for a white SUV with light interior. Vache took the time to accompany me on 2 test drives and shared his invaluable insights with me. He was extremely forthcoming and gave me his honest opinions. He did not push or pressure me to make a decision which really allowed me the time and space to reach the best decision on my car purchase. Thank you Vache for your exceptional service!

Jane L

Phenomenal experience! 5 stars all

Phenomenal experience! 5 stars all the way around. Vache got me an excellent deal on the car of my dreams (Porsche 911 turbo s) and have always gone above and beyond what was asked of them. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Definitly the team we will be using from here on out. Thank you NVS Auto.

Calvin Patel

This is an updated review to commend NVS Auto yet again for their hard work and dedication in assisting us with our cars. They have helped my husband, myself and many  friends find our cars hassle free and at a price that works for us.

Since 2012, we have gone exclusively through them for several cars for myself and my husband. ¬†Each time our lease ended, we automatically knew that there’s only one option: NVS Auto Sales & Leasing.

For my most recent lease selection, Vache delivered what I thought to be close to impossible. ¬†I had been contemplating purchasing my leased car, but at the end, decided to lease a different car. ¬†Vache was more than glad to help me every step of the way,¬† He was available to call and text even on weekend mornings and evenings, as well as deliver the new car to my house, all in the nick of time to avoid my having to pay another year’s registration on the previous car. This is what I call amazing!

Needless to say, they will have our business as long as we need cars and I will continue to recommend them to friends and family with the pride and confidence that they will deliver  excellence every time.

Victoria K

Thank you, Vache.¬† I have now gotten two cars through NVS Auto, and my wife has gotten one. Vache found us exactly what we wanted and for really great prices! Both of our experiences were not only painless, but actually pleasant. There was no haggling and Vache just got it done, quickly and easily. I can’t imagine ever buying a car without NVS Auto! They are awesome!! I will keep referring everyone I know to NVS Auto!

Armen M
Hampik D

We got our Jetta about a month ago with Vache.¬† He is amazing. ¬†He helped us with the application and helped me understand about credit and it being my first time getting a car. ¬†He explained about buying instead of leasing and what each means. ¬†He looked for 2 days to find the color I wanted and didn’t give up until we got a great deal. ¬†He even delivered the car to us and it took us less than 10 minutes to do all the papers. ¬†Thanks Vache for hanging in there with us and making this very easy. ¬†It was my first time and I know where I am going for my next car.¬† ¬†You won’t go wrong with NVS Auto.

David Z

I can’t say enough words to describe how amazing are Vache and the team at NVS Auto. This is my second round of getting Two new leases through them. We had an immigration issue which caused a huge problem. Vache didn’t rest for a second and made a huge effort until we got our cars. Vache is extremely knowledgeable in the car and financing market. He doesn’t want JUST to sell you any car. He understood exactly our needs and acted on them. And we ended up getting us what we wanted. He was always available to us, returned our calls and texts. This type of service and dedication is so rare these days and shouldn’t be taken for granted. THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT OUR LAST ROUND WITH NVS Auto.

Yoav Bentov

Vache was amazingly patient to work with. I was specifically looking for a white SUV with light interior. Vache took the time to accompany me on 2 test drives and shared his invaluable insights with me.  He was extremely forthcoming and gave me his honest opinions. He did not push or pressure me to make a decision which really allowed me the time and space to reach the best decision on my car purchase. Thank you Vache for your exceptional service!

Jane L.

My wife and I recently went through a very bad experience at CarMax (and returning the car)  and not wanting to go through a standard dealership for a new car because of the higher prices even for Certified Pre-owned Then, by chance we came across NVS Auto.
We never EVER thought a car buying experience can be so pleasant, without pressure and without frills as it was with Vache of NVS Auto.
From introduction to searching for car options and the final acquisition, it was just 2 days. But in that 2 days, it was the most seamless process I have seen in the many car buying experiences I have had, even down to the signing of the paperwork and receiving our car.
This is a class act and an honest business and in the business of cars, that’s a very rare thing to come by. Fret carefully buying a car from anyone but know you are safe and in good hands with these guys!

Fred S.
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