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This is an updated review to commend NVS Auto yet again for their hard work and dedication in assisting us with our cars. They have helped my husband, myself and many  friends find our cars hassle free and at a price that works for us.

Since 2012, we have gone exclusively through them for several cars for myself and my husband.  Each time our lease ended, we automatically knew that there’s only one option: NVS Auto Sales & Leasing.

For my most recent lease selection, Vache delivered what I thought to be close to impossible.  I had been contemplating purchasing my leased car, but at the end, decided to lease a different car.  Vache was more than glad to help me every step of the way,  He was available to call and text even on weekend mornings and evenings, as well as deliver the new car to my house, all in the nick of time to avoid my having to pay another year’s registration on the previous car. This is what I call amazing!

Needless to say, they will have our business as long as we need cars and I will continue to recommend them to friends and family with the pride and confidence that they will deliver  excellence every time.

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